Kibana logs on Windows

This is on Windows. Kibana works and I am able to visualize the data.

What I am trying to achieve is to view the Kibana logs on the location which I have provided. Below is what I got on my kibana.yml but nothing gets created on the location provided for logs, when I start kibana.bat

Can someone advise to resolve the issue ? Thank you.

# =================== System: Logging ===================
# Set the value of this setting to off to suppress all logging output, or to debug to log everything. Defaults to 'info'
logging.root.level: info
      type: rolling-file
      fileName: "C:\\elastic\\kibana-8.6.2\\logs\\kibana.log"
        type: size-limit
        size: 100mb
        type: pattern

I'm using this:

logging.root.level: info
  type: file
  fileName: C:/elastic/Kibana/logs/kibana.log
    type: pattern

So try your with: fileName: "C:/elastic/kibana-8.6.2/logs/kibana.log" or my settings

it worked. backward slashes on the path was the issue. Thank you Rios.

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Long live the king and the Elastic team.

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