Kibana M/L API validate check error

Hi there. I'm ELK 6.3.1 user.
When I tested M/L API of Kibana, cannot understanding thing occur.

My data based on MongoDB like below

I uploaded data to ES and type check also 'Date'.
However, at validate check on Kibana error message is revealed. Refer below image

Anyone could tell me why this situation happen?
Thanks for reading mine.

Wanted to double check, when you request the mappings for (GET per_test_181011/_mappings) receivedAt is listed as type: 'date'?

Thank you for your reply.
First, type of receivedAt is 'date', refer below image
(index name is different, but same sample data)

and also M/L shows to me date types field.
However, I can not find anomalies through M/L API because of not valid date type.

Hi GibbsKim,

Can you try just creating the job even if Job Validation is returning the error? (Job Validation won't stop you from trying to still create the job even if it returns an error)

Let us know if that works. If yes, please also let us know if the results in Anomaly Explorer and Single Metric Viewer show up correctly.

In the meantime, we're trying to reproduce the issue with job validation you're experiencing.


Appreciate your reply.
I made some test samples, below is one of the capture.

As I understand, showing anomaly score reason is amount of data.
It means that when I tested first, used one day's sample but at used quite many date samples (e.g. 4 days)

Though I can see result of M/L API still show not valid Job validation when I create new job. At least now I give up why this happening. Below things are my test capture.
thank you for your reply again.

(when I clicked 'Validation job')

(after created finish)

Thanks for all the details you provided. We identified a bug with job validation: It fails to identify the date field if it's a nested field, for example like in your case metadata.receivedAt. I filed a bug here:

Update: A bugfix is in and will be released with the upcoming 6.5 Elastic Stack release.


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