Kibana maintenance window question


I couldn't see much in the documentation so I though I would ask my question here.

It might be a dumb question, but in the Maintenance Window settings, I'm a bit confused on the timezone setting. For example if I set timezone to Asia/Shanghai for and schedule between "10/08/23 12:00 AM" to "10/08/23 06:00 AM", I would assume that it will apply for that date/time in the Asia/Shanghai right?

Because when I click on save there is a completely different schedule in the first view.

Hi @mkf1,

Welcome back! Can you show what is showing on the schedule in the first view after saving? Can you also check if there are any errors in the logs and the browser dev console?

It looks like this in the first view after I click save on the first screenshot I shared:

Thanks for confirming @mkf1.

I am having a dig through the UI code, but out of curiosity is the first view showing the maintenance window as it would be in your current timezone rather than the set timezone? Just a guess!

As per the documentation, this feature is in technical preview so feedback on what you would expect to see would be amazing to improve it!

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