Kibana makes no requests to wms interface

I have a offline test environment running in virtualbox where I have set up a local geoserver providing locally hosted maps via wms interface to Kibana.

I can access the hosted maps from the geoserver's layer preview just fine and also the maps work fine in Kibana Maps when I'm using the Web Map Service. Therefore I know the geoserver works and Kibana is able to use the wms interface.

My problem is that when I switch from Maps to Visualization to use the same wms interface in kibana to create a new coordinate map, there are no maps shown no matter what settings I'm using. I used tcpdump simultaneously in geoserver to check whats coming in and the kibana coordinate map section doesn't send anything to the geoserver. It's like Kibana doesn't do anything to the wms server settings I'm entering to Kibana. No requests, no errors, no nothing. And yes, I did press the "play" button on the corner.

Are there some debug logs especially for kibana visualization to observe what might be the issue?

Hi @kulta
Could you please share the version of Kibana?
There can be a possible bug that block the call to your WMS server. Can you please follow these steps:

  1. un-flag the WMS server option on the coordinate map
  2. select the road_map on the layers dropdown list and click Play
  3. flag again the WMS map server checkbox and click Play.

If there are errors on the WMS call, they will be shown in the Network panel of the dev tools of your browser as failed requests to your WMS server.

I'm experiencing the same exact problem and I can't find anything about this online. I'm using Kibana 6.8.1

This didn't do anything for me, and no errors appear in the Network tab in Firefox dev menu. The only outbound network request was (there were also no console errors)

I've already set
map.includeElasticMapsService: false

but all this did was remove the road_map layer from the dropdown menu and removed the network reqeust. Kibana seems to make no attempt to connect to my WMS server. However, in the beta Maps application, it loads perfectly fine (however I cannot use the Maps application for my use-case)

Thanks for the reply, seems to be an existing bug:

Sorry for the long delay answering.

I'm using kibana version 7.3.2 and the results were similar to ecp4224's results above. I tried both with google chrome and firefox as a browser.

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