Kibana map and controls: filtering on a field common to two indices should filter away all points in second index

I have two indices displayed on a map, "Individuals" and "Teams", and both have a common field: "Country".
I have two Controls visualizations, one filtering by Country, acting on the "Individuals" index pattern, and the other filtering by Country, acting on the "Teams" index pattern.

Currently, if I use the control associated with individuals, it filters by country on both indices, and the points left on the map are individuals and teams that are in that country.
Is there some way I can configure the Controls such that using that individuals control would filter away ALL team points?


You could try configuring a term join on your "Individuals" layer to augment "Individual" vector features with Team. That way, filtering by Team would cause your "Individuals" features to be hidden on the map. You would join on the shared "Country" field.

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I am on the "Edit Map" page, and I am editing a layer, and under the section labeled "Term joins", it says "Joins are not supported when scaling by clusters".
Am I looking at the right place?

Thanks again!

Edit: I just selected "Limit results to 10000." and can add joins.

Hello, and thanks again for your response,
I applied a term join on both the individuals and teams layers like in attached image, but I don't think this changed anything. Were there other config steps that I missed, any pointers? I'm new to Kibana, so apologies if I misunderstood something.

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