Kibana: mapping set to strict, dynamic introduction of [references] within [doc] is not allowed

(Mark Walkom) #22

Just a heads up that we are looking into this one.

(Raul Kaubi) #23


Should have opened this report in github sooner, could have got ball rolling sooner..


(Mark Walkom) #24

Not to worry :slight_smile:

(Mike Rucker) #25

Bump.. this is affecting me as well. Any updates? =D

(李俊毅) #26

I got the same issue as well, waiting for the fix....:frowning:

(Raul Kaubi) #27

I believe they closed this github issue already that I started (link is found few posts back).

I do not know exactly , why it happened, but as I tried it again, I managed to get this to work. If you're still having problems, you should open an issue etc..


(Thomas Qvist) #28

I can easily reproduce the problem. I have, however, found a work-around:

  • Before upgrading, you should close down/stop the kibana service.
  • Make the upgrade
  • Wait until you are sure that the elasticsearch have been upgraded and is fully functional.
  • Then start the kibana service - now it magically upgrades its internal indexes to 7.0.

(my theory is that the kibana service makes a half upgrade if it cannot connect to the elasticsearch service and then fails).

Hope it also works for you.