Kibana: meaning of iframe url parameters

Hello everyone,

I want to build my own web server with tomcat where I can import kibana graphs and dashboard. I found that I can use the iframe urls to do so. Furthermore, in the url there are parameters that I can change in order to modify my graphs and dashboard in function of my data. However, I haven't found any documentation in the elastic website explaining the meaning of each parameters. Can you indicate me a source ?

Furthermore, I also have a question regarding the dashbord exported. The graphs inside the dashboard can be still dragged and I would like to know if there is a parameter to disable this functionnality.

Thank you for your attention and your help.


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The url is encoded in RISON, if you use a common RISON => JSON convertor, you can perhaps start to see what the value correspond to.

ok thank you for the information. However, do you have a link regarding a rison parser/converter for a java project ?

I found this:
but it is in javascript and I would like to have it in java..