Kibana monitoring errors

The first problem, I have a cluster with 14 nodes, when I go to the nodes monitoring screen I get "no items found" at the default 1 hour period. Changing to 30 minutes or less shows the nodes.

Second, on logstash pipelines, at 1 hour & 30 minutes, I see events emitted. Change to last 15 minutes, events are all 0.


For the first problem - were your nodes connected to the monitoring node in the time period you are expecting to see them?

The second problem - can you check if there were events emitted in the last 15 mins?

You can add the .monitoring index as a indexpattern and validate your assumptions in discover.
I will also see if I can get some help from monitoring devs.


See k1- 1 hour, k2 - 30 minutes 30 minutes ago. This is 6.6.0, I've had this issue on this cluster with 14 nodes for many versions, I posted before and got nowhere. I have another cluster with fewer nodes that doesn't have the issue.

Image k3 shows ingest for a full hour, the last 1/4 of some pipelines have activity, k4 shows 15 minutes of flatline on all.

Shows the last 15 minutes of .monitor type: logstash events

For the "flatline" issue you are seeing with the Logstash Pipeline List view, when the time picker is set to "Last 15 minutes", you are most likely running into this bug:

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