Kibana Monitors (Private Location) APIs

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find any Kibana API docs (if they exist) for setting up lightweight private location monitors? The docs mention how to use the push command to setup browser monitors, but they don't make mention of any APIs for the lightweight monitors. I checked the Kibana REST API docs , but there are no mentions of the Monitors stuff there.

I'd like to use scripts to push things like ICMP and HTTP monitors rather than configuring them manually via the Kibana UI.

Kibana APIs are for ELK management. Maybe to use Heartbeat?
Check Metricbeat features - module Kibana how is monitored and data is inserted. All sources are on Github

Hi @Rios from my understanding of the new Monitors setup, this should be do-able via Kibana and the Elastic Agent, so I don't believe beats is the correct answer to this question.

EA is just all-in-one beats with centralized management. You can monitor hosts by traditional Heartbeat which is only for TCP and HTTP.

You can develop your own script which is collect the same data structure and insert in ES, indices fleet-* or heartbeat-*.

Another option is to follow Integrations Developer Guide You will find your help in the documentation

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