Kibana Node High Load

Hi all,

I"m using Kibana 8.6.2 version cluster with 5 nodes.

To handle the query load, I'm using 5 nodes.

But ultimately, I have to host Kibana in only 1 node. So even when querying is high and there is a crash for ES, there are 4 other nodes for this.

But I'm hosting Kibana in 1 node only and if this node crashes, I get an error in my kibana server. My other services do not take up too much resources.

So basically I can prevent ES crashing with other nodes, but kibana crashes.
How do I handle ES not crashing, but Kibana crashes ?

What usually triggers Kibana to crash? Mitigating that would be the best idea. And without more information we cannot offer more help.
If you have intensive Kibana workloads, you might want to look into using a load balancer in front of multiple Kibana instances as detailed here: Use Kibana in a production environment | Kibana Guide [8.7] | Elastic

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