Kibana Nodejs main module

Hello Everyone,

I am installing an in-app waf for kibana security,

it's installation guide says that i should add *require('sqreen');* in the main module of nodejs app.

Since kibana is nodejs based, where can I find its main nodejs module/file?
I need to add that piece of code in main nodejs file of kibana

And what would it's name be? kibana.js? index.js? server.js?

I will appreciate any help!!

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Hi @Sarmad,

scripts/kibana.js would be the entry point :+1:

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Hi @dosant thanks.

Where can I find the kibana.js? Should I add a new file?

And which scripts folder or directory I need to put it into?

will really appreciate if you can disclose the full-path. Thanks.

What Kibana version are you looking at?

I was referring to this file:

Kibana v7.7.0

Yes, but the same file with same content is not available i'm on 7.7 and my output of 'find' looks same as @Sarmad . All other kibanna.js are different in code content.

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