Kibana not able to delete ES index

Hello Everyone,

I have installed the xpack in logstash, kibana and ES. After that I am able to see that xpack related indices are shown up in ES. metricbeat is also configured to use xpack. metricbeat is forwarding data to logstash and then logstash is sending this data to ES. logstash has created an index in ES logstash-2018.06.16 successfully. But I am not able to see this index in kibana. Monitoring tab of kibana is absolutely working fine. While trying to add the logstash created index in kibana I am getting message Couldn't find any Elasticsearch data however when I am clicking on include system indices. it's able to find the xpack related indices.

$ curl localhost:9200/_cat/indices?pretty -u elastic:changeme
green open .security-6                       L4egXmCvR66Sx5NV9ggm9Q 1 0    3  0   9.8kb   9.8kb
green open .monitoring-beats-6-2018.06.16    qJYPcv7iRcm87IElZGe56w 1 0  201  0 193.8kb 193.8kb
green open .watches                          ESWHfmkuS0il1gGZqLBoJQ 1 0    6  0  84.3kb  84.3kb
green open .monitoring-alerts-6              iJU6Ei49TFGxn1uty6EJ8A 1 0    3  0  17.9kb  17.9kb
green open .monitoring-kibana-6-2018.06.16   9Y9NJidjROKa9X3ons_jSg 1 0  423  0 242.5kb 242.5kb
green open .watcher-history-7-2018.06.16     wi5vMaBVSXK3CgiTH3r3Jg 1 0  722  0   1.3mb   1.3mb
green open .monitoring-logstash-6-2018.06.16 oGI8pQcBRTqJe5UAfJKQdg 1 0 2041  0 443.6kb 443.6kb
green open logstash-2018.06.16               johWT2ejTF2Mm_L0T0UZkw 5 0 6563  0   2.1mb   2.1mb
green open .triggered_watches                TQl3g8o-RNiTa1O_ZDOjYw 1 0    0  0  27.5kb  27.5kb
green open .kibana                           ChE2vNRwTNykFsbggO-thA 1 0    1  0     4kb     4kb
green open .monitoring-es-6-2018.06.16       cLgTw8zbTtSPbgkFnjsEkA 1 0 7292 20   4.6mb   4.6mb

I don't think it's authentication related issue between kibana and ES. Since I am running ES on a single node initially my logstash-* index was showing yellow status I changed the replica count from 1 to 0 for bringing it in green status but no joy.

all services are running on a single node which is my laptop.

Did you try refreshing that page?

yes many many times.

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