Kibana not showing data due to timestamp issues

i'm having some issues in kibana
i have a log file that it's date looks like this :
02-11-2016 09:48:33 AM ...
as you can see the time is a 12 hour day (AM\PM)
i've parsed it with date filter in logstash
after turnning it into one filed called date that looks like this : 02-11-2016 09:48:33 AM

date {
     match => ["date" , "dd-MM-YYYY hh:mm:ss aa"]

now the parsing seems to go well - and the index is created in ES (checked and got results)
but when i get to kibana i get the "no results" screen no matter how far back i went - changed the time frame to 5 years ago and still no results
BTW if i inserted the index to kibana and unchecked "index contains time-based events" - everything worked fine

but what was more interesting is when i parsed the date like this (changed hh to HH)

date {
     match => ["date" , "dd-MM-YYYY HH:mm:ss aa"]

suddenly i got results in kibana - but the date is wrong (when it comes to PM - becuse it does not change it to 24 hour clock like hh does)
i checked the mapping and timestamp is correctly defined : type:date

i'm using logstash kibana and ES 5.0.0

It looks like that where? If that's the date you see what you query Elasticsearch directly, then something isn't right. When you look at that field in Elasticsearch, with a search for example, you should see something more like 2016-10-21T16:54:19.629Z. If you are seeing your format still, I suspect there might be something wrong with the mapping, which may also explain why Kibana can't find any data.

How are you checking the mapping on that index?

I created the field in logstash .. What i see in ES IS EXACTLY What you wrote ..
i dont know why but it's working now
i haven't changed a thing