Kibana not showing new data

i installed elasticseach, metricbeats, kibana on ubuntu 14.04lts following this website:

Kibana is not showing new data, I changed the time range on the top right to last 24 hours data only appear on yesterday, there isnt any data showing today.. can anyone tell me what did i do wrong?

Hi Chiang_Poh_Lin,

Instead of last 7 years can you select time range from Relative tab and in that tab select range from last 7 days to now. Then check data is coming or not.


hi thanks for helping but i didnt got the chance to try what you suggest, because i tried installing x-pack and my kibana couldnt run, even after i uninstall it still couldnt run, so i just uninstall everything n install back n its working now :smile:

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