Kibana not showing Uptime Monitors added in Monitor Management or via Fleet Policy

I used to have several monitors added in Monitor Management and those showed up just fine in Uptime / Monitors. Now they don't. If I delete them / add them again nothing changes. If I add them manually via Integrations (Fleet Policy / Elastic Synthetics) they still don't show up.
Kibana just shows the ' Welcome to Elastic Observability!' message and wants me to add monitors via Heartbeat.

How do I get my monitors back..? Thanks

Hi @rowra,

Thanks for reaching out!

What you are describing seems related to this:

Let me know if this helps you.


Alberto, thanks but it seems unrelated. Albeit I was on 8.5.0, I am on 8.5.3 for some time now. Additionally, I'm not using heartbeat but elastic synthetics.
Issue is still ongoing, ideas?

@rowra this usually happens when the synthetics test run results aren't reaching ES. The Uptime Overview page shows the welcome message as it doesn't find any monitor's result documents. The first couple of things to check to find the cause are:

  1. Check that the setup is able to run monitors. Check that cluster and agent is healthy and there are no related errors in logs.
  2. Check network and config related issues and ensure that agent is able to communicate to Fleet Server and can push result documents to ES cluster.

If you couldn't spot anything, can you please then describe your scenario, e.g. what steps did you use to setup cluster and agent and then what was changed when you start seeing no monitors.

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