Uptime 8.5 Not showing in Kibana

Kibana and Elastic version 8.5.

8.4.x all monitors where showing in Uptime in Kibana. Updated to 8.5 and now all are missing on several clusters all on 8.5. Checking the indices data is still being sent to ES as expected just the display output is empty. Briefly it will show if you restart Kibana but this is obviously a work around. No errors are showing in Kibana logs and Heartbeat is showing normal as well.

Browser cache was cleared and still same results. Any pointers to where to start looking? This is a critical function and a large part of what is used day to day.

Perhaps this

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You are awesome thank you much for the quick fix. My search skills are off this day...

Tested on 2 clusters and both so far have been working as expected.


@PublicName I think 8.5.1 is out... FYI

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