Uptime not showing UP Down Monitors


We are using Elasticsearch cloud 7.8 with kibana 7.8 versions.
I set up Heartbeat (using docker) and configured the heartbeat.yml properly. The configuration is setup to send the data directly to logstash. I see that the graph on the uptime tab is working fine. But nothing shows up when in up down list.

Another Notes:
I can see heartbeat data are coming under "Discover" tab. (see attached screenshot)
I also checked the logs of kibana and the logs of the heartbeat docker - no special errors.

any advice how I can debug this issue?

We also tried steps provided in the article. Link Below but nothing has changed.


Hmmm, is heartbeat data being processed or altered at all in Logstash? It might be nice to see if the problem still occurs when connected directly. Also, can you check that the monitor.timespan field specifically is present? I'll mention now that wer'e moving to a new strategy for running this query that should be superior in: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/69229 , but that doesn't mean that 7.8 has any known issues.

By the way, I see you're using heartbeat 7.7.1 it might be nice to upgrade Heartbeat, though that probably isn't the root cause.

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