Uptime not loading Heartbeat logs


We are using Elasticsearch 7.3 with kibana 7.2 versions.
I set up Heartbeat (using docker) and configured the heartbeat.yml properly. After that I saw all of our services are exists under "Uptime" tab and saw that all of them are up and working.

Since few days ago, we dont see anything under "Uptime" tab - the verView screen are loading for ever and no data is coming (see attached screenshot)
We suspect that it happened since we moved from Trail to Basics.

Another Notes:
I can see heartbeat data are coming under "Discover" tab. (see attached screenshot)
I also checked the logs of kibana and the logs of the heartbeat docker - no special errors.

any advice how I can debug this issue?


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Thanks for the screenshots. This is definitely an unusual bug in that when no data is found Uptime should show an error. Can you check your browser's developer tools and see if a Javascript error is in the console in uptime?

Same issue here....

Running docker-elk stack with heartbeat trough logstash. (data in discover are ok, uptime - loading)

Same issue:sweat_smile:

The field data error is caused by Elasticsearch mappings not being loaded. The most common cause of that is deleting the heartbeat indices while heartbeat is still running. By default ES will guess as to what the mapping should be and recreate the index with settings that the UI code cannot use.

The fix here is to stop all heartbeats, delete all heartbeat indices, then restart heartbeat.

If you are not connecting heartbeat directly to ES you will need to run heartbeat setup after deleting all indices and before starting re-indexing.

It's useful . thank you

I fixed my problem by adding the aliases manually:
POST /_aliases
"actions" : [
{ "add" : { "index" : "CURRENT-HEARTBEAT-INDEX", "alias" : "heartbeat-7.2.0" } }

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