Uptime showing no uptime moniters found even though can see heartbeat data in discovery tab

I recently installed logstash , kibana and elasticsearch 7.7 and currently running them inside a docker container , I have manually configured heartbeat on a remote machine and I can verify heartbeat is sending the data to elasticsearch , I can see the data inside discover tab , but Uptime is showing "No uptime monitors found"

Hello @Abhilash1, I am sorry that you are facing this problem.

Can you please post what kind of config are you using for your monitor?

For heartbeat , I have added monitors in heartbeat.yml file only , Please find attached the heartbeat.yml file and kibana.yml , elasticsearch.yml file.
Kibana and elasticsearch have the default configuration file that comes in docker image.

Kibana Configuration yml


ElasticSearch Configuration yml


When loading uptime UI in kibana , I am getting a warning popup also "There was an error retrieving index pattern". In console I can see the messages -

INFO: 2020-05-23T06:00:12Z

When I try to navigate to "" I get an error in browser - "{"statusCode":404,"error":"Not Found","message":"Not Found"}"

Everything looks ok as far config goes, can you do two things,
first go to dev tools and run this query, copy the output to text file and attach that, also can you try increasing schedules of monitors to perhaps 60s and see if that changes things.

    GET heartbeat-*/_search
      "size": 2, 
      "query": {
        "match_all": {}

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