Heartbeats / Uptime not visible after upgrade to 8.1

Heartbeats and the Uptime tool in Kibana were working fine under version 7.x. MY heartbeat agent sits on a remote server, runs it's heartbeat checks and send the results to my Elastic Cloud deployment. After upgrading to 8.x two things are happening:

  1. heartbeat is no longer writing to an index but to a data stream (.ds_xxxxx)
  2. uptime in Kibana just keeps showing the "Welcome to Observability" page. Working through the setup process and clicking "Check Data" says "Data successfully received", but the Uptime page just keeps return to the Welcome page.

Am I able to write heartbeat data to an index? (Is that the problem?) Any ideas appreciated.


Hello @gunlomboy

Can you please check what are your index pattern settings in uptime settings page and make sure if heartbeat-8* is included as part of the settings

For example in this example heartbeat indices should be heartbeat-8*,heartbeat-7*,synthetics-*
We will auto fix this , i have raised a bug.

Let me know if this helps.


Hi @gunlomboy,

Upgrading from 7.x to 8.x introduced a few breaking changes. In this page, you can find the details about storing events in data stream instead of indices, the first point you've mentioned. I'd also like to share this guide in case you'd like to check out the recommendations for the upgrade.

Thanks @shahzad31 and @kyungeunni

Both very helpful answers. Setting the indices in uptime settings worked well.

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