Kibana not viewing updated records from SQL table when schedule Keyword is used in input-jdbc plugin

Hi All,

I am using Logstash input-jdbc plugin to feed in the data from Oracle to ES and from Kibana I have created the index. Kibana shows the data in the Discover tab from the table.

Now i have added new rows in the table and have used Schedule in Logstash which executes after duration of every 1 minute.
The new records that i added to the table do not appear in the documents in Kibana's Discover tab.

Please help as my goal is to make a Dashboard with Visualizations that are connected to the Database Table on Real time Basis.

Thank you.

Is your data "time based"? If not, and you don't have a time filter on the top right corner of the top of the page, then your documents should be showing up in Kibana. Have you tried searching for the new documents?

If you still can't find the documents in Kibana then it's likely that your updated documents are not getting into Elasticsearch. Can you try using the "Console" in "Dev Tools" in Kibana to search for the document? You can use a simple request like:

GET /_search?q={something unique to the new documents}

If you still can't find the document then I suggest triple-checking the documentation for the input-jdbc input for logstash and asking in the #logstash group for help because I don't think Kibana is the issue.

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