Kibana on office screens and remote control

This might very well fall outside of the scope of this forum but I hope someone might have a good idea.

Currently we have 10 screens displaying Kibana dashboards across the office, all connected with separate Chromebit stick computers. It can run pretty smoothly with Chrome extensions to refresh the screen and keep-awake to not go into sleep mode.

However then something crashes I have to manually plugin a mouse and refresh the screen and sometimes login. Being out of office for a longer period of time means that nearly all screens will be dead for different reasons, due to Wifi connection lost or Chrome crashing for any number of reasons. That means I have to leave my chair and I cannot connect to the screens remotely.

I am interested in anyone having any better solution?


It would be helpful to determine whether the crashes are kibana related or not. It might be worthwhile to set up a chomebook that displays a blank page and see if you have the same crash and restart problems. If you do, then you know you can ignore the kibana portion of the setup.

That said, kibana is a rather resource intensive browser based app. You could reduce resource usage by displaying images of dashboards instead of dashboards themselves. If the problem is kibana related this just might fix it.

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