Kibana Painless Scripted Fields

I'm new to Kibana. I've been tasked with replicating an excel report into a dashboard.

I want to use a data table to display my values and also have a calculated field for percentages.
The percentiles metric is not what I am trying to use to perform my calculations.

In the excel report the percentages are calculated using a formula like this :

It's a relatively simple formula I want to replicate in Kibana. Is there a way to create a scripted field in Painless or is there an even easier way to do this?

Some assistance would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Painless is server side technology. Scripted fields are Kibana technology, they might suit your purpose:

Note that scripted fields are created/calculated in the context of each document and you are looking to perform a calculation based on the result of an aggregation. I therefore do not think scripted fields alone will help here. It may be possible to do this using Canvas, which as far as I know is more flexible.

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