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I'm trying to get access to my own dashboard from the sidebar.

For example, if there's a "my_dashboard" in the sidebar and you click on it, you can go to the "app/dashboard/...".

So I created the plug-in according to the tutorial provided by Kibana Document. And I checked that there was an item in the sidebar that went to the plug-in app.

I want to modify the code below so that I can go to the dashboard instead of going to the plug-in app, but I'm not sure how to do it because I'm new to it

code path : basic_plugin/public/plugin.ts

export class TestPlugin implements Plugin<TestPluginSetup, TestPluginStart> {
  public setup(core: CoreSetup): TestPluginSetup {
    // Register an application into the side navigation menu
      id: 'test',
      title: PLUGIN_NAME,
      async mount(params: AppMountParameters) {
        // Load application bundle
        const { renderApp } = await import('./application');
        // Get start services as specified in kibana.json
        const [coreStart, depsStart] = await core.getStartServices();
        // Render the application
        return renderApp(coreStart, depsStart as AppPluginStartDependencies, params);

    // Return methods that should be available to other plugins
    return {
      getGreeting() {
        return i18n.translate('test.greetingText', {
          defaultMessage: 'Hello from {name}!',
          values: {
            name: PLUGIN_NAME,

  public start(core: CoreStart): TestPluginStart {
    return {};

  public stop() {}

Can you tell me if there's a sample? Or can I get a hint if there's a simpler way?


You can navigate to another app by calling coreStart.application.navigateToApp (kibana/ at master · elastic/kibana · GitHub) in your mount method instead of actually rendering something.


It worked!

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