Kibana Plugins with Static Kibana

How can we use Kibana Plugins such as Timelion, Shield, etc with ElasticSearch with static Kibana. The Kibana we have deployed is without the bundled server - see This version does not have the directory installedPlugins (where kibana stores installed plugins) or the kibana binary (used to install the plugin) in the deployed Service.

This is still not a supported deployment model, so I suspect you, wherever possible, may need to modify these plugins in order to be able to install them in your environment.

There's a lot of things that plugins do on the server layer to bootstrap themselves. If you're trying to run them without the server component, you're going to have a lot of work ahead of you to recreate all that logic.

Also a general warning, Kibana is going to be leaning more and more on the server layer to operate going forward. Running in "static mode" is going to be an uphill battle.