Kibana port listening after so much time

Hi , iam new to ELK
whenever i restart my kibana service it takes so much time to listen to its port.after service restart i checked that if port is listening or not it tkaes more than 15 min to listen ,could anyone help me here

Hi @athul_prasad,

Welcome to the community! Which version of Kibana and Elasticsearch are you using? Do you see any errors or warnings in the logs?

kibana version is 8.13 and Elasticsearch verison is 8.12.2 ,there are no error logs

Thanks for confirming. Do you have debug or info level messages that could point to what actions are being performed? Have you tried upgrading your Elasticsearch version to the same numbered version of Kibana (8.13) to see if that solves your issue? We recommend running the same version of Elasticsearch and Kibana together to prevent compatibility issues.

I would try the upgrade and if the issue persists have a look at using the Stack Monitoring capabilities to try and find the bottleneck.

Hope that helps!