Kibana problem visualize scripted fields


im trying to convert an integer field like "1,676,274,668" to an Date/Datetime field and visualize it afterwards with Kibana.
I use a scripted field which can be seen on the next picture.

Here everything looks just fine

Now I just want to display the last value that was read, but this is not possible on a date field.

I also get this error, but only with the scripted field. Otherwise all fields can be displayed without problems. Search.max_buckets I would not like to increase because only this field causes problems and I don't know to which value I have to change it to make it work.

Hi @Anonym123

what type of visualization are you using to visualize the field?
I think only the legacy metric (Kibana > 8.5, or simply Metric before) can handle that - as it won't make sense for other chart types.
I've tried to visualize a runtime date field with the legacy metric visualization in Lens and it worked fine:

I currently use version 7.17.3 . Since I have more dates I would like to display more at once, such as with the Tabele. Unfortunately it does not work with this. I can't find the visualization legacy metric on my end only the normal metric probably because I'm using Kibana 7.17.3 . Did I do something wrong with the conversion from int to date? The dates actually look correct. I have tested several visualizations with this field, none of them works.

Support for dates for the last_value in Lens has been added since 8.2.0 release:

I just updated the full ELK up to 8.5.1 .
The scripted field exists in many documents, but when I try to display it, Kibana now says "No field data for the current search".
In the next picture you can see that the field exists and contains data.
But if i want to create a visualization Kibana says.
I also filterd the visualization with documents that only contains this field.

Still the bucket error

If you create a Legacy metric with it does it prompt any error or just empty data?

Ahh it only says that there is no data in it but when I drag the dataset in with legacy or table it still works. Thanks problem solved

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