Kibana randomly giving 502 bad gateway error


I am run EFK stack on Kubernetes for logging. For elasticseach we have 2 data, 1 master and 1 client node. Everything is working fine but i randomly get 502 bad gateway error.

From dashboard:

Discover: Bad Gateway

SearchError: Bad Gateway
    at processQueue (
    at Scope.$digest (
    at Scope.$apply (
    at done (
    at completeRequest (
    at XMLHttpRequest.requestLoaded (

Endpoint triggered that is giving error:

I have updated my nginx configuration etc. but still unable to resolve this.

P.s. Let me know if more information is required from my side

Hey @ahmedwaleedmalik, do your Kibana logs contain additional information regarding the error? Also, if you capture a HAR of the request which is causing the 502, it'll help us diagnose further.

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