Kibana readiness probe failed: Got HttP code 000

installed helm charts for ElasticSearch and Kibana versus 7.7.1 on miniKube.
After changing "green" the "yellow" (clusterHealthCheckParams) the ES-pod the readiness probe of ES pod is ok.
Kibana does not get ready:

Readiness probe failed: Error: Got HTTP code 000 but expected a 200

What can i do to fix this ?

I would start to look at the Kibana logs to find out why Kibana is not healthy.

Kibana log show only:

 {"type":"log","@timestamp":"2020-06-08T09:48:53Z","tags":["warning","plugins-discovery"],"pid":6,"message":"Expect plugin \"id\" in camelCase, but found: apm_oss"}
{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2020-06-08T09:48:53Z","tags":["warning","plugins-discovery"],"pid":6,"message":"Expect plugin \"id\" in camelCase, but found: file_upload"}
{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2020-06-08T09:48:53Z","tags":["warning","plugins-discovery"],"pid":6,"message":"Expect plugin \"id\" in camelCase, but found: triggers_actions_ui"}

After changing elasticsearch replica's from 1 to 2, es went to green.
At this point installing kibana, seemed not make any difference at first, but after waiting 10 minutes, kibana pod began to show more logs and finaly became "ready"

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