Kibana - Report anomaly due to data delimiters

Which are all the delimiters that will be considered by the kibana. We have noticed the whitespace, colon, semi-colon are considered delimiter by kibana. It would treat the data before and after the delimiter as a different chunks rather than a single string even after giving in the quotes. For an instance we have a pattern “I am working” and “I:am:working”. If we try to view as bar graph/pie chart/table, it would be considered as different string even after providing in quotes.

Any help around this will be helpful.


Set the field as not analyzed. That should keep the field value as is while searching.

"pageViews": {
"type": "string",
"index": "not_analyzed"


Thanks Oren

That was really helpful, now I am able to retain the data as is while I plot the charts.