Kibana returns 0 hits for for map with geo_point

Hi, I am using the default logstash

  geoip {
     source => "client"

to ingest my geo ip, I have set the mapping which is here:
as you can see location is set to geo_point

In my documents I see

"geoip" : {
"ip" : "",
"longitude" : -97.822,
"country_name" : "United States",
"country_code3" : "US",
"latitude" : 37.751,
"continent_code" : "NA",
"location" : {
"lon" : -97.822,
"lat" : 37.751

but when I try to use the map, I add the layer it finds my location field as the geospatial field but I get zero hits

{ "took": 40, "timed_out": false, "_shards": { "total": 5, "successful": 5, "skipped": 0, "failed": 0 }, "hits": { "total": 0, "max_score": null, "hits": [] }, "status": 200 }

the only way i get hits from the query was to remove the bounding box which it obvioulsy needs to search the lat/long.

The example document shows location as a nested field under geoip. The mapping for geoip.location is not a "geo_point". See line 152 in your pastebin.

There is another location field at the root (not nested) which is "geo_point" (line 248). Do you see any latitude and longitude values in that field in your documents?

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