Kibana reverse proxy

I am implementing apache reverse proxy on kibana.
I want to make url http:url:5601/app/kibana to http:url/app/kibana.


Hi @vikram_singh,

What have you tried so far? What does your config look like? Are you seeing any specific errors that we can help you troubleshoot?

HI Larry,
I am using Apache reverse proxy on kibana by below settings:

ProxyPass "/app/kibana/.*" "https://MYURL:5601/" retry=0
ProxyPassReverse "/app/kibana/.*" "https://MYURL:5601/"
RewriteCond "%{HTTP_REFERER}" "https://MYURL/app/kibana/.*"
RewriteRule "^/(.+)" "https://MYURL:5601/$1"
After setting it redirect to apache server, it is okay.
After that it redirect to "https://MYURL/app/kibana"
On this url, it is showing 404 error.

What does your kibana.yml look like?

Is this 404 error coming from Kibana, or from Apache?

What URL are you exposing Kibana on from the end-user's perspective?
Is it something like https://my-apache-server/ or https://my-apache-server/some/path/?

I'm asking because I'm confused about the rewrite rules. I'm not sure those are strictly necessary, but it's hard to tell without more information.

I develop an application. it is using Apache server on https://MYURL.
kibana is running on https://MYURL:5601/ url.
I build a sso login on https://MYURL by apache. But https://MYURL:5601/ is running on different server, so it not coming under sso login.
I am trying by reverse proxy, a user try to open url https://MYURL/app/kibana it will be redirect to apache sso login security , after login, user come back to https://MYURL/app/kibana and serve https://MYURL:5601/app/kibana content.

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