Kibana Role Managment Cost

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I just need to use Kibana as Visualisation layer to provide some reports to our Business team, but it seems role management option is not free,

is there any solution to don't allow other guys to do not change anything and just has ability to see some dashboard?

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Hey @yusef-sheypoor, the role management screen in Kibana is tied to the Security plugin which is available with X-Pack Gold Subscription, the following is an overview of subscriptions and the features they provide:

Our Cloud offering comes with an x-pack license which makes this functionality available as well:

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Hi Braandon,
Thank you for your answer, we're using our in-house version of elastic, I'd like to know about your prices in such situation, we just need use role management feature.

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Hey @yusef-sheypoor, if you wouldn't mind filling out the following form our sales people will be in contact:

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Hi Brandon,

I've filled it before.

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