Kibana Scripted Field, Return value from string out of an array

looking for some help to "extract" the first value in an array inside a document.

I have this field called " orchestratorOutput.categoricalListData.ACPredictions " that is logging an array of values (ex.: OTHER, PYMTCONF2, COMPCRI, PYMTCONF, SPAM, OOOAA, R4C_GENERAL, R4C_LIFT, R4C_ABROAD, R4C_DEATH, R4C_OUTPORT, INTTEST, R4C_TOGETHER, R4C_TELECLUB, R4C_RETIREMENT, SPONS, R4C_POST2PRE, R4C_EMPLLEAVES, R4C_DATASUB, R4C_COMPANYCLOSED)

now, I need to return in an new field, just the first value (before the ",")...
I tried it in several ways, but i'm not able to return it...

f.ex: if I use just doc['orchestratorOutput.categoricalListData.ACPredictions.keyword'].value it returns always "COMPCRI" that is the first value in alphabetical order...
any tips how to do it?
thanks a lot.

ps. I'm just a "business"-guy with very limited tech skills :stuck_out_tongue:

@Marius_Dragomir can we please help this user?


This is a bit difficult to do with Elasticsearch as all arrays that are indexed in Elasticsearch won't be ordered, they will be like a bag of elements. The simplest way would be to either get the first element at ingest or to save the field as a string(again, at ingest, before it was indexed).
Otherwise, you would have to enable the _source field and then use something like:
params._source[ 'orchestratorOutput.categoricalListData.ACPredictions'] in order to access the ordered array.

Hello @Marius_Dragomir, thanks a lot for your support!
luckily _source field is already enabled...

I tried with your suggested code and I always get " - " as result.

then I tried just params._source.orchestratorOutput.categoricalListData.ACPredictions and it returns the full content.
what I would need is just the first word before the first " , "

thanks again and have a nice day :slight_smile:

You can some java functions for this:

text = params._source.orchestratorOutput.categoricalListData.ACPredictions;
first_comma = text.indexof(',');
if (first_comma != -1) {
return "Empty"
} else {
return text.substring(0, first_comma)

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