Kibana search appearing as json object?

I have metricbeat data indexing to kibana but the same is appearing as json object object instead of showing it as different field. Is this due to some template issue or missed any setting.

Currently coming in the below format.

  "memory": {
    "actual": {
      "used": {
        "pct": 0.9058,
        "bytes": 7440117760
      "free": 773660672

Instead of

system.memory.actual.used.pct  : 0.9058
system.memory.actual.used.bytes : 7440117760 : 773660672

Can anyone help me with this?
Also im having ES 6.8 and metricbeat version 7.9.

Dot are used to denote nesting in Elasticsearch field names so what you are seeing is expected.

Yes but in kibana search im seeing the json itself instead of this dotted field names.

Even if you view it in JSON mode?

Sorry but this is not supposed to work. You must make sure that you are using the same version for the whole stack.

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