Kibana Search from Index using document name rather than the document contents

Hi team,

I'm trying to retrieve data from Kibana using
GET [Index_name]/_search

but from the retrieved data i want all the documents with a particular name
without the help of contents in the doc i.e; doc_name.field_name : field_value
instead i want to search the index for all the documents of my required name.

To search the indices that match the current index pattern, enter your search criteria in the query bar. By default, you’ll use Kibana’s standard query language (KQL), which features autocomplete and a simple, easy-to-use syntax. If you prefer to use Kibana’s legacy query language, based on the Lucene query syntax, you can switch to it from the KQL popup in the query bar. When you enable the legacy query language, you can use the full JSON-based Elasticsearch Query DSL.

plz go through this and if u need more help, we are happy to help


Hi Rashmi,

I'm aware of the available query level filtering. Index pattern and search is defined correctly, I'm also able to see data.
My issue is among the data available under an Index pattern can we search for all documents with the same document_name (as it is not mandatory in my data that there is a common data column for a particular document_name).


If it's not mandatory you can still search for it. But the results will only return what it can match.

Hi Mark,

The actual issue is I want to search all the documents of my interest /required name available under an index from Dev Tools by writing a query in KQL. But I'm unable to find the syntax for document_name level search as,
"match" function is supporting only"document_name"."field_name" level of search only.

So it would be highly helpful if you could suggest some ways to filter by "Document_name".

Thanks in Advance,

What you have there is a filter. Is it not matching everything?

Yes Mark with the "match" function I'm unable to retrieve all the required data.
Its not matching everything.

So can you please suggest the approach that can be taken for "document_name" level searching.


Hi team/Mark,

Any update on the above query. Can you please kindly look into it as its a blocker

Kushal Nekkalapu

Hi Team,

Could you find any solution for the above query?


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