Kibana search only works with one character

I installed Elasticsearch 6.5.1 and Kibana 6.5.1. I loaded my log file with Logstash and set up my index in Kibana the Discover search only works if the search is one character long. With nothing in the search bar I see my log data.

ex: message:r finds all r's
ex: message:rad gives No results match your search criteria

I have the "last 5 years" selected

Any clue?

What is the mapping for the fields in your index? More specifically, the message field.

"message": {

"type": "text",

"fields": {

"keyword": {

"type": "keyword",

"ignore_above": 256




try: message:*rad*

That works.

Great. If you want to do more reading on how this works... it involves the standard analyzer. Here is a good example for you to walk through:

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