Kibana server is not ready yet [self-managed]

Running these services on one self-hosted Ubuntu VM on Google:

  • elasticsearch - not yet setup to be accessible externally
  • enterprise-search - accessible externally
  • kibana - should be accessible externally but something is wrong!

I can access enterprise-search from the public url.
I have almost identical firewall rules for enterprise-search and kibana except for the name and port number.

$ sudo journalctl -fu kibana.service

Apr 30 02:56:34 webserver-1 systemd[1]: Stopped Kibana.
Apr 30 02:56:34 webserver-1 systemd[1]: Started Kibana.

Visiting http://<public_url>:5601/ shows only Kibana server is not ready yet.


server.port: 5601
server.publicBaseUrl: "http://<public_url>:5601/"

elasticsearch.yml: /var/lib/elasticsearch
path.logs: /var/log/elasticsearch
action.auto_create_index: .monitoring*,.watches,.triggered_watches,.watcher-history*,.ml* true true

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What do your Kibana logs show?

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Thank you!

Found logs with:
tail -f /var/log/kibana/kibana.log

License information could not be obtained from Elasticsearch due to [security_exception] missing authentication credentials for REST request

and added:

elasticsearch.username: "kibana_system"
elasticsearch.password: "<pass>"

It's working!

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