Kibana setup with elasticsearch 8.4.3


I am setting up the Kibana and Elasticseach instances in AWS with version 8.4.3.
The Elasticsearch instance is up and running. While configuring the kibana I have set the following properties.
server.port: 5601
elasticsearch.hosts: ["https://< ELASTIC_SEARCH_IP_ADDRESS>:9200"]
elasticsearch.serviceAccountToken: "ELASTIC_SEARCH_TOKEN_FOR_KIBANA"

I used this command to get the token:

sudo /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-create-enrollment-token -s kibana

Got this error during kibana startup.

[ERROR][elasticsearch-service] Unable to retrieve version information from Elasticsearch nodes. self signed certificate in certificate chain

But still, the Kibana shows "Kibana server is not ready yet.".
Could you please let me know the solutions for the same?

Thanks and regards,
Suraj Jannu

The kibana enrollment token (the one you generated with the CLI tool) is not the same thing as the serviceAccountToken (the one you configured in kibana.yml file). For enrollilng kibana using the enrollment token, please refer to this documentation page.

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