Kibana shouldn't forget field when changing aggregation

When creating a visualization, sometimes I change my mind between whether I want to show an average or percentiles, or I accidentally switch which metric should be showing its max vs its min.

Changing the aggregation resets the field which can be between a minor annoyance and a major annoyance depending on how many fields are in the index, how long their names are, etc.

I suggest that for any aggregation change that remains compatible with the field previously selected, that the field selection is maintained.

So changing from average to sum could keep the field since they are both metrics aggregations that take a single numeric field by default, bu changing from one of the metrics aggregations to one of the pipeline aggregations can lose the field.

Hey @DPattee, would you mind creating a feature request for this? Also, have you played around with Kibana Lens yet? It'll allow you to change more things on the fly without having to re-do all of your work.

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Hi @DPattee,

Brandon's tip here for checking out Kibana Lens for easier switching between fields, aggregations, etc. when building a visualization is a good one since we are definitely trying to make that an easier process for the use case you outlined.

Here is a quick overview of Kibana Lens to go with the awesome documentation Brandon provided. I help support Kibana Lens on the product marketing side so please let me know if you have any questions I can assist with. :slightly_smiling_face:


Brandon - sure I'll file one tomorrow

Dustin - no, hadn't heard of Lens yet, the video seems interesting though. I'm still on 7.4, I think 7.5 released the same week I'd finished my 7.4.2 upgrade ha ha. Will take a look at upgrading.

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