Kibana shows different results with AWS Loadbalancers


I have ELK Cluster hosted in AWS EC2 instances. I have two endpoints on kibana instance, one is created using classic loadbalancer and another one with application load balancer.
How they differ?
My observatins:

  1. I can not create index patterns using application loadbalancer endpoint, whenever I tried creating kibana stucks in articulating splines. But works when I create it through classic loadbalancer endpoint
  2. I can see 77 indices in classic loadbalncer endpoint, whereas 144 in application loadbalancer endpoint

The application load balancer is hitting kibana instance through target group.
Classic loadbalancer is also hitting same kibana instance.

I'd try to replicate these without the load balancers to see if the issues still exist.

But I am not really sure we can offer support around how these work.

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