Kibana shows internal server error after implementing Authentication

I am trying to integrate my kibana dashboard into my website without password. To secure it I am using the auth_request module of Nginx. But I am stuck at this error -

Version: 7.14.1
Build: 42892
Error: Internal Server Error
    at fetch_Fetch.fetchResponse (https://xxxxx/mis/42892/bundles/core/core.entry.js:6:26764)
    at async https://xxxxx/mis/42892/bundles/core/core.entry.js:6:24091
    at async https://xxxxx/mis/42892/bundles/core/core.entry.js:6:23997

This configuration is working on other applications.Can someone kindly help with this.

Hi @Apoorv_Singh

Does it work without the auth_request module of Nginx?

It seems that Kibana can't fetch the js bundles.


Hi @sebastien , yes it works without auth_request

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