Kibana string search

I cant filter for SC
:SC:: nothing
SC nothing
:SC: nothing
"SC" nothing

How do I find "SC" in this string?

CDR|N|09:11:2020 09:00:06:939|BIG|20010|boat02|30862|35|BIG_InitiateSMS|_sngtv_|02-P35-09112:SC:BIG:46663597:164746800:092020090693::

Thank you

I would recommand to parse correctly your CDR using a simple grok
if your cdr is indexed in one field as a text you can try *SC*

Thank you *SC* is getting me closer.

Interesting you mentioned GROK, I see that my GROK filter is not being applied and secondly I was looking DISSECT because the variations in the message were getting tough to parse with GROK.

Yes dissect is a good and simple when you don't need regular expressions,
otherwise grok is very powerful

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