Kibana support for System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM)


Does Kibana / Elastic Stack support SCIM for identity providers like Microsoft (Azure/AD)?
There is no documentation available on the topic.

A short info on SCIM systems: SCIM synchronization with Azure Active Directory - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn

In a nutshell this is about automatic user management for identity providers integrated with Elastic.


No. But SSO with either SAML or OpenID Connect is supported with Azzure AD as the identity provider.

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Hey Yang. Thanks for confirmation. I kind of anticipated that.

From what I can see, SCIM appears to be expecting a CRUD compliant API - Elastic's own Security APIs are not far from what SCIM expects actually.

If I am considering a translation layer in-between SCIM/Kibana, do you have any advice for me I can follow?


Appologies but I am not familiar with SCIM to give out concrete suggestions.

Not a problem, thanks for chipping in.

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