Kibana supports arrays of objects=


I would like to know if the new version of Kibana already supports arrays of objects and if it does what is the right mapping for Elasticsearch?

Luís Carvalho

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Kibana does not support arrays of objects. We decided to pause on the support of nested objects for a bit while we consider better ways to implement the feature. Currently Kibana leverages lucene query string for searching, which doesn't supported nested or parent child. We're considering a custom parsed search language, but haven't made any decisions yet.

Open to ideas!

I forked something to support arrays of objects here - - but it's for Kibana 4.0. I did port it to 4.1 (maybe 4.2) but haven't put it on github yet. It's a fairly simple change to the flatten function, I find it useful for my use case, happy to submit it upstream if people are interested.