Kibana Tables without sub-buckets

Have fields Fname (first name) and LName (last name). The input to these fields has been swapped in some places. Need to create table where the columns are independent and not subbuckets.

Can you give a quick example of the expected output? I think you'll want to use the Discover page and using the left column to add the two fields. It'll create a table with those two columns, and that search can be saved and added to dashboards.

Thanks for the prompt response
I have attendance field in which for each day is marked as 1. when we do tables i can select sum option for attendance in metrics, which gives me total days worked, however in discovery search each entry is separate row.

I see. With the data table you can you do a top hits metric on the Fname and Lname fields - the problem is this data will be bucketed. If we can expect Fname and Lname in a bucket to be the same then the top hits metric can be used to fetch any value in the bucket

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