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I want to visualize the count of certain keyword in my logs. Aug 1 21:01:50 x86-hw user.notice Dpd: 5066:dm::NodeEvent I {[01:55:47] Ixd202Cc.cpp:514}ZTR: Ixd-2 :ConfigIgcc:ConfigIgcc for pif: 1 Aug 2 02:36:44 x86-hw user.notice Dpd: 9502:Col_Line I {[00:47:37] Ixd202Cc.cpp:514}ZTR: Ixd-1 :ConfigIgcc:ConfigIgcc for pif: 0

As you can see the two logs have different IP and I want to visualize in Timelion two series one of each IP address which has keyword ZTR. Something like this-
.es(q=ztr AND NodeIP: .es(q=ztr AND NodeIP:

But this doesn't work.

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@ashvita try wrapping your q= value in double quotes like so: .es(q="ztr AND NodeIP:").color(red) .es(q="ztr AND NodeIP:").color(black)

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