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Can conditional logic be added to the TSVB Markdown visualisation?

I saw a post where the Markdown element in a canvas could be conditionally customised by editing the expression.

However I cannot see the same feature available for the TSVB Markdown visualisation.

I'm trying to create a dashboard where i want to conditionally swap icons etc..

Also, HandlebarsJs has only the built in handlebars expressions. It will only test if property exists (or is true etc..).
{{#if some-prop}}

I cannot check if values are: equal to, less than, greater then, etc.. which I need to do.

Is there any way to add conditional behaviour to the TSVB Markdown visualisation?


hi @david.preston, I don't think you can do this in TSVB. I would log an enhancement here:

OK, thanks for confirming

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