Kibana TSVB table visualization - group by multiple fields


I am using Elastic stack 7.9.1 and trying to build a visualization in Kibana with time series visual builder.
In our environment we monitor multiple hosts and one of the visualizations on a dashboard should present file systems usage (metricbeat data), thus a need in grouping by and system.filesystem.mount_point. However, TSVB in Kibana gives only an option of a single field aggregation which is not what I am looking for - obviously, if I select grouping by hosts then I get a metric calculated from all file systems on that host and if I group by file systems then each file system will be calculated as a metric across all monitored hosts. I want to useTSVB and not a regular table visualization (where I have more option to split series) because I want each item being a link (e.g. host field) using 'Item URL' in TSVB Panel options, so clicking on it will show another Kibana object representing the selected item.

Hi @igorid70
I was looking for the same feature
It appear this not yet supported with TSVB
there is an open FR in github

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