Kibana UI issue after upgrade to kibana 7.10.2

After I upgrade Elasticsearch and kibana to v7.10.2 from 7.8.0, I have observed an issue in kibana UI. When I reload the kibana UI after upgrade it gives "ERR_TO_MANY_REDIRECTS" error. Please refer below screenshot for the error.
Note: This is only observed when cluster is up with keycloak and istio.

If I clear browser cookies and retry, this error is not observed. Please explain why this issue is observed and how to overcome this.
Thanks in advance.

Is Kibana running in Docker or behind a nginx-reverse proxy ? Cn you try this ?

  • First login with default credentials (elastic/changeme) works.
  • Change the password & logout
  • Login screen hangs in redirect-loop

May be the solution is to mount it ?

      - "./kibana.yml:/usr/share/kibana/config/kibana.yml"

and to comment out the default user credentials:

#elasticsearch.username: elastic
#elasticsearch.password: changeme

And check if the redirect loop is gone.


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